Lotsize 1

The trend of individualization is deeply connected to modern society and in production characterized by the term Lotsize 1: customers would like to purchase products customized to their personality at the price of mass-produced goods, conveniently delivered within 24 hours or - Amazon already delivers thousands of products within 2 hours depending on your region. The challenge for manufacturers to make this possible at reasonable cost is to start customizing as late as possible in the production process and to have as many work steps as possible for all variants run identically. Rigid production processes, central (and therefore inflexible) controlled productions according to the push principle as well as insufficient transparency about the order process are key obstacles of today’s product customizing.

In order to deliver each individual desired product to the customer in the shortest amount of time possible, it is crucial to turn production into event-controlled real-time processes. Following the pull-production principal, producers dynamise their capacities by situationally purchasing production services. In applying this approach, also called Demand Driven Production or Lean Production, enterprises radically shorten their delivery times while perfecting their compliance of delivery dates up to 100%. You isolate your production program from customer demands and are now able to trace everything from the raw material up to the customer receipt.

Flexibility by technology

The capacity required for this level of flexibility and speed is achieved by applying new technologies such as SAP Leonardo, SAP EWS, SALT Data for Services or advanced individual solutions and requires agile methods. In using trendsetting technologies customers can quickly get accustomed to changing consumer interests and attain their competitiveness.


  • Full traceability starting at the raw material up to the customer confirmation
  • Event-controlled real time processes
  • Isolating the production program from customer demands

Project: Individualization at Westfalia-Automotive GmbH


Implementation of the SALT Add-Ons Lean Production as supplementation of the SAP Standard, in order to create transparent and smooth production processes.Implementation of the SALT Add-Ons Lean Production as supplementation of the SAP Standard, in order to create transparent and smooth production processes.


  • Leveling and smoothing production processes
  • Customer-oriented alignment of the value chain
  • Reduction of the manual effort and error rate

Convincing advantages!

Fast adaptation to alternating consumer interests

Simplified Supply Chain control thanks to a smoothed production

Fast adaption of new process requirements due to agile methods

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Jörg Schübel