Harmonization of processes and systems

We understand harmonization as simplification and standardization of the organization, processes and systems of an enterprise. Heterogeneous, non-integrated system environments are in themselves very resistent when it comes to adaptations. A lot of enterprises actually should get an entirely new technical equipment in order to start their digitalization - a going-back-to-zero like this however, is just not realistic. The fact: diverse systems have to come and work together gradually within one overall environment. Especially important in times of globalized organizational changes within which business units are frequently bought or sold while shrinking production cycles request an ever growing flexibility.

Create new digital business models

The migration to SAP S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo to implement processes is groundbreaking. Global Templates form the basis and are customized and locally rolled out, Software-as-a-Service and Continuous Improvement provide the required degree of flexibility and ensure that processes are operating according to the latest standards.

With harmonization, enterprises are getting ready to adapt promptly to upcoming market demands by operating an agile organization and processes - creating full transparency of the overall Supply Chain. So harmonization is the basis for creating or integrating new business models.


  • Process implementation with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo
  • Global Templates, local roll-outs und local customizing
  • SaaS, Continuous Improvement
  • Integration of operative systems and orchestration of process implementations

Project: Harmonization at Gress + Zapp GmbH


Massive increase of efficiency of the economic analysis of engaged vehicles by an automated and up-to-date data processing with Qlikview.

Project highlights:

  • Interlinking data sources from over five third-party systems (financial accounting, vehicle management, human resources etc.)
  • Definition of data models for correlative evaluations
  • Well-arranged evaluations in any version

Convincing advantages!

Immediate adaptations to market requirements

Transparency covering the entire Supply Chain

Integration of new digital business models

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Frank Staudigel