Integrating real objects into the digital world

The automatization, in short, deals with the integration of real objects into the digital world. Today`s production landscapes have usually grown over an extended period of time and consist out of several, closed systems operating side by side. It is a challenge to interlink these autonomous systems within one open infrastructure. In order to make this possible, we integrate technological innovations in the fields of logistics and production while also introducing the collaboration of man and machine.Numerous sophisticated technologies such as e.g. smart solutions for man to machine communication are coming into play here.

Most of them do not own a standard which should be established urgently. The basis for a lot of these services is the collection of all relevant data in IIoT-platforms and the according real-time access for all authorized users. Hybrid system environments, on-premise and in the cloud are created and a useful integration within this vast field is a major challenge for many enterprises.

Getting fit for IoT by linking autonomous systems

Linking all autonomous systems within one open infrastructure in combination with the application of smart technologies we will get logistics and production fit for IoT. The basis: comprehensive user analyses of all resources. In order to control the material- and information flow across various- even incompatible system elements - we do rely on digital twins.


  • Smart machine-to-machine communication
  • Establishing standards
  • Integration of hybrid system environments (On-Premise / Cloud)
  • Real-time accessing of all relevant data (IIoT platform)

Project: Automatization at Mäurer & Wirtz GmbH


Conversion of the manual detailed production planning to an automated procedure featuring a PUSH-scenario with the ALT Add-On Control Panel.

Project highlights:

  • Overview of the production process, personnel - and bottlenecks
  • Intuitive dialogues with Drag & Drop for the detailed production planning in the GANTT-Diagram
  • Integrated personnel planning based on order-and shift scheduling

Convincing advantages!

Industry 4.0 "Ready"

User analyses of all resources

Creation of a digital twin

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Jörg Schübel