Digitalization is unstoppable. Present-day technologies break open processes, structures and business models. The core of this transformation can be found in digital solutions: state-of-the-art applications and systems make it able to plan, control and analyze processes in a different way.

Digital innovations are crucial for enterprises to succeed in the digital age. Examples such as Amazon, Google and Uber are consequent in pursuing the path to digitalization. The key to success: tailor-made IT solutions. Individual software gives agility to enterprises needed for digitalization.

Reasons for individual solutions

A solution exactly how you need it


In case of digitalization strategies which are meant to pave the way for new business models, standard solutions are no longer sufficient. Applying individual software makes it able to implement operating sequences down to the smallest detail - flexibly, efficiently and future-oriented based on state-of-the-art methods, technologies and tools. Your innovative concepts require perfect realizations. IT solutions must be doing exactly what they should - not more, but definitely not less.

As flexible as you


In times of quickly changing market situations, long development cycles are a problem. Reacting agile and flexibly to customer demands and market situations oftentimes means to frequently adjust goals and strategies. New digital business models are not created on the drawing board, but developed flexibly and agile. With individual software, you set the pace.

Your exclusive solution


Digitalization often comes close to a race: who has the most innovative idea and launches it first? Who recognizes customer demands early on and can react to them immediately? Competition is intense since, in addition to traditional medium- and large enterprises, start-ups are also pushing their way into established business areas. Whoever has an innovative idea or an exceptional digital business model, does not want to share. Individual software gets you in the lead.


This is how we support your individual IT projects


You have innovative ideas which will set you apart from your competition? You want to have a long-term partner on your side, that realizes your ideas? When you need the right number of experienced and highly trained developers at the right time, working with a service provider like us, is the right solution.


You want to constantly apply latest technologies and industry know-how? Our experts are equipped with crucial knowledge gained throughout numerous successful projects. You benefit from our long-lasting experience along the entire Supply Chain.

Method competence

Whoever develops innovative business models, has to also work innovatively. For you, it is not just about strategy, but also about the competence to realize projects agilely.

We increasingly rely on the DevOps method, which unites experts for software development and application management in one team and closely incorporates special departments. Solution qualities and deployment speeds reach new dimensions.

We are your partner for the development of individual solutions

This is what we offer

We adjust our operational methods to meet your needs. There is no overall recipe for the success of each project. This is why we work with a broad spectrum and consistently align our individual solutions with your requirements and wishes. To ensure that you get the best possible result, we adapt the technologies and tools we use to your individual projects.

Here you will find a selection of tools we applied in the scope of successful projects:

Platform competence:

  • Java EE
  • Microsoft
  • Azure
  • Oracle
  • iOS

Method competence:

  • Scrum
  • DevOps
  • Kanban
  • Agile Development
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Test Driven Development

Tool competence:

  • GIT, GIT-Hub
  • Python
  • Jira
  • Eclipse
  • Docker
  • JavaScript
  • Nexus
  • JSON
  • Angular
  • Kubernetes
  • TypeScript
  • Qlik
  • Kafka

Use all chances to digitalize by means of unique business models. Get in touch and get to know how we can support you with our individual solutions.

Claudia Lang
Member of the Management Board