SAP standard software offers a broad variety of functions, which are a reliable basis for many users with varying expectations concerning the Supply Chain Management. However, your enterprise is truly unique and the standard might not be sufficient everywhere. This is why we focus on a suitable amount of standard implementations: Customizing to enhance the standard, extension of your SAP environment by means of our proven logistics- and production Add-Ons and our solution modules individually developed for you.

One single, flexible platform for everything

One overall architecture, build upon the SAP Standard enables you to continuously adjust and improve your processes on one single solution platform - from the planning, procurement to production and distribution. Due to the visibility and linkage of all data across all areas and the entire Supply Chain, every participant gains the insight needed to act along their processes.

And wherever the ECC-standard still had not been sufficient, S/4HANA will provide extensive solutions if you ….

… currently do not have the chance to implement your processes, stocks and goods movements transparently and down to every detail

… operate a large number of applications, running on different systems

… have to work parallel in several systems and process chains cannot be consolidated continuously

Standard software and software-platforms

Standard software implements all essential core processes in one defined area of application, is available as a package and can be adjusted to detailed processes of an enterprise by means of settings or software supplementations. A software platform comprises several standard software systems, equipped with synchronized interfaces and therefore enables data - and process management across all systems.


Advantages of SAP standard solutions:

extensive and highly flexible

The SAP platform offers proven standard solutions for a number of functions concerning your end-to-end processes and enables you to integrate and harmonize your processes across different business areas. New releases, launched in rapid sequences, continuously develop the standard further and further, always bringing up new functions.Best Practices deliver predefined functions and processes.



Adjusting your system environment to individual needs of different industries is now easier with SAP S/4HANA than with the ECC System, for example by selecting and setting required functions.



SALT Solutions’ standard solution extensions enable error-free upgrades and release-changes.



Our in-house developed standard extensions guarantee to meet your requirements by 100% and ensure optimally coordinated solutions.

We are your SAP Gold Partner

We are your SAP Gold Partner

As SAP Gold Partner we have reached the highest national partner status at SALT Solutions and provide expertise accredited by customers in the fields of implementations, Application Management Services and Support of SAP systems. We have proven our high level of product-, solution - and performance competence throughout a large number of projects in different industries and areas.

We foster a new culture of cooperation

To meet the challenges of digitalization such as ever growing and always changing customer expectations, merely modernizing existing solutions will not be enough. We even reinvent the definition of teamwork. With contemporary approaches, we help you to keep your software environment always up to date and to implement new developments at a fast pace. For example:

  • consulting formats, in solution packages or individualized
  • classical projects featuring the trade character with a defined technological scope, set budget and mandatory milestones
  • Agile projects following methods such as Scrum, delivering constant, gradual project progresses
  • DevOps in close cooperation with all participants from the software development -and the IT operation department following agile methods, for example our Application Management and Support, even if the system was not installed by us.

We rely on these solutions

We are there to help you choose, implement and extend the right solutions.

SAP offers a broad variety of modules and solutions to support your Supply Chain processes. As house of SCM, we are familiar with your industry-specific challenges and bring our experience from numerous customer projects in choosing, implementing and extending SAP solutions. Your corporate strategy always in sight, we pay particular attention to future-oriented solutions that help you to move forward.

Along your Supply Chain we rely on the following SAP solutions and SALT Add-Ons:

As experts for digitalizing the Supply Chain, we exactly know how to adjust standard software flexibly to your specific demands and how to customize it for you by means of individual components. Let’s work together to clarify your specific requirements.

Dr. Hans-Christoph Dönges
Member of the Executive Board